Why Pools4Ever?

We understand that the pool industry and its related service industries are inundated with companies and contractors that want your business. So, why choose Pools4Ever?

We have structured our business to focus on personal touch and having clients become part of our family. We strive to have a long term relationship with our clients because we care about your satisfaction with the services and products we provide, and just as importantly, we care about your investment.

We work to educate you about the services and products you purchase to enhance your home and lifestyle, including swimming pools, pool filters, lighting and more.

Pools4Ever is also committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services and products and your individual home improvement project as we work with you to enhance your home.

We provide you the best and strongest swimming pools that are manufactured, the best hardware for all plumbing applications and filters, and beyond that, we provide you with an installation team that includes only professionals who know and understand the proper installment procedures for each swimming pool and who will never cut corners during an installation.

We can provide you with everything you need with a “Poolscaping Package” that goes beyond pool installation services. We assure our direct involvement in all services provided and, most importantly and unlike many of our competitors, we never outsource our installations.


We are “hands on” during installation. The owner of the Company is present during every pool installation. We do not and will never subcontract work out to other companies. When asking for a price from a pool company, ask if the owner will be present.

When clients engage with Pools4Ever, you become part of our family. We hold fast to the proposition that we should have a long-term relationship with our clients not only because of the work we have provided, but for the future relationships to be shared by all.

Pools4Ever is committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services, presentation, and project – no matter how big or small the project may be.

The Founder of the company, Peter Pivovar, will treat you as a member of his own family. You will be impressed with not only his professionalism, experience, and expertise, but you will also be enamored with the personal touch that Peter brings to each project that has been commissioned.

We would be happy to have you as a new member of our Pools4Ever family by having the opportunity to enhance your home, lifestyle and property. Perhaps you already have a project or design in mind or maybe you aren’t sure where to start: either way, we are confident that we can assist you with having the backyard of your dreams by bringing your plans to life or creating a design that will provide an exceptional environment for you and your family.


During our business expansion we had the opportunity to be engaged by a few vinyl pool companies to provide their excavation services and to install paver patios for them. I have always enjoyed working with homeowners and creating ideas and bringing them to life. I then decided to do some of my own research on the types of pools that are available to homeowners as part of my goal to provide the ultimate home destination for relaxation and enjoyment.

I researched the swimming pool industry and studied the positive and negative attributes with vinyl, Fiberglass and gunite pools. My research led me to understand that not only are Fiberglass swimming pools the better choice, but these pools are much more economic to operate, and the long term benefits are appealing. Following my research, I spent an additional two years meeting with different owners of Fiberglass pool manufacturing companies, touring their facilities where their pools are made, attending their classes on their products and installation, and going out and taking part in pool installations with some of their best installers. This two-year period has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the different pool manufacturers and their installation techniques and methods.

My experience with the different pool installers, along with my own experience both in and out of the pool industry, has further allowed me to enhance my business practices which are directed to ensuring that your goals and dreams are achieved, and to enhance your home lifestyle. I am absolutely committed to these principles. Our mission is to assist you in visualizing and creating the pool and backyard of your dreams.

When You Hire The Pivovar Team, You Get The Pivovar Team!

Our founder Peter Pivovar will treat you as a member of his family. He wants each and every customer to be completely satisfied with their pool and home improvement project, and he also wants you to enjoy your pool without any concerns.

Our game plan and philosophy, and the unique personalities that make up the Pivovar team give us the confidence to say that you will like us – and you will love your new pool and lifestyle!