Spas & Ledges

Incorporate a Spa and/or Tanning Ledge into your backyard poolscape to add a cozy space to relax or to create a soothing water feature. 

Spas can be built as an addition to your pool or they can act as stand-alone units. Tanning Ledges can be used in your backyard design to create fun splash areas or extra spaces to lounge and relax, as water-friendly patio furniture can be placed inside the ledge. Spas and Tanning Ledges can be installed flush with your pool or elevated so they spill over into the pool. Models that have built-in spillovers work well when you want to incorporate a spa or ledge elevated and spilling over into the pool, while non-spillover models work well for stand-alone or separated bodies of water. Models that have a built-in spillover will use common water with the pool; non-spillover models can use either common water or separate water, which allows the spa or ledge to be heated at a different temperature than the pool.

Lengths, widths, and depths may vary up to 3%. Measurements are to widest point on each side of the outside edge. Spa & Tanning Ledge drawings are not to scale. All Spas and Tanning Ledges are non-diving. 

Gallons are estimates

Albany & Albany Spillover Spas

6’11” wide x 8’10” long | 3’4″ constant depth | Flat Bottom | Corner Entry Steps |  Gallons | Rectangle Spa
recommended 10 jets

albany rectanble fiberglass spa

Baltimore Spa

8′ wide x 8′ long | 2’11” constant depth | Flat Bottom | Side Entry Steps |  485 Gallons | Octagon Spa
recommended 7 jets

baltimore fiberglass spa

Dover & Dover Spillover Spas

7’4″ wide x 10’4″ long | 2’9″ constant depth | Flat Bottom | Side Entry Steps |  569 & 489 Gallons | Kidney Spa
recommended 8 jets

dover kidney fiberglass spa

Little Rock Spas

9′ wide x 9′ long | 3’11” constant depth | Flat Bottom | Side Entry Steps |  401 Gallons | Round Spa
recommended 6 jets

little rock round fiberglass spa

Wilmington & Wilmington Spillover Spas

10’2″ wide x 10’2″ long | 3’4″ constant depth | Flat Bottom | Side Entry Steps |  1,000 Gallons | Round Spa
recommended 10 jets

wilmington round fiberglass spa

Erie Spillover Tanning Ledge

8′ wide x 10′ long | 12″ constant depth | Flat Bottom | Rectangle Tanning Ledge
2 spillovers

erie tanning ledge

Tampa Tanning Ledge

18′ wide x 9’6″ long | 12″ constant depth | Flat Bottom |  Tanning Ledge

tampa tanning ledge